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      Group introduction

      Founded in December 30, 2006 and established by Yancheng government, Yancheng state-owned assets investment group Co., LTD was a wholly state-owned enterprise. Up to February 2012, the group’s total assets is about 7.099 billion yuan, net assets is about 3.062 billion yuan and finished investment about 6.026 billion yuan.
      Investment group set up many wholly-owned subsidiaries. Such as city materials group, city investment group Management Corporation, the investment company, Rongda asset management companies, real estate company, Guoyu real estate company, Yancheng guesthouse, Yanfu hotel management company, Yanfu international travel service, city first rest house, city finance cadre training center, ET automotive perts, pioneer island venture capitalists, Jiangsu Diwei industrial Co., LTD, Jiangsu Huhai culture industrial company and Jiangsu pioneer international commercial companies. At the same time, the group includes many share or holding companies. Such as commercial building, southeast venture investment company, small and medium-sized enterprise guarantee company, Guoyuan real estate company, trade and guowan new investment company, etc.
      As the state-owned asset management company of Yancheng government, investment group, with the goal of “Commitment to practical innovation, make billions of investment group” and the enterprise spirit of “Innovative Entrepreneurship, excellence forever”, with the key of city construction and originality industry development, the core support of financial, equity investment and the main strengthen point of industries such as finance, real estate, engineering and business trade, materials building, logistics, tourism hotel, culture, science and technology industry, etc. It strengthens equity management, optimizes the assets structure, and constructs the holding company of strategic management type. During the twelfth Five-Year Plans, we will be in accordance with the strategic structure of "group diversification, plate specialization", constructing the storage circulation plate, commercial real estate plate, hotel tourism plate, culture industry plate, financial services project the construction and land level development business, etc. Meanwhile we will make more contribution in order to promote local economic of Yancheng well and fast by racing against time and bettering endeavor!

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